According to ayurveda when women's health refers to the well being of any female besides being healthy physically. In fact the ayurvedic definition of health i.e. physical, mental and spiritual well being holds true for females. It is a thought - provoking subject that most of the ailments of women are psychological in nature. An unstable mind leads to hormonal imbalance in a female body thus leading to further complications. Apart from the acquired ailments there are natural physical changes in women's body form puberty to menopause.

Few women related disorders are mentioned below :

   Dysmenorrhoea /Amenorrhoea (Krishartava /Anartava)
   Leuchorrea (Shweta Pradar)
   Menopausal Syndrome (Rajonivarti Lakshan)
   Menorrhagia (Atyartava)

Dysmenorrhoea /Amenorrhoea (Krishartava /Anartava) :

Symptoms :

Following are the signs or symptoms that indicate the presence of this disease in females :
   Painful / Scanty menstruation
   Pain in lower pelvis (back and stomach)
   Disturbed digestion
   General debility

Causes / Dosha :
     In this disease vata dosha is the major cause, pitta dosha is the minor cause whereas kapha dosha is active to but in lower percentage.

Pathogenesis :

     In ayurveda it is believed that this ailment is due to the aggravation of the three doshas or the body energies. In the female body, lower pelvis or the seat of Apana Vata that is responsible for the elimination of menstrual blood, stool, urine and reproductive fluids. Due to anxiety and stress Apana Vata increases at the onset of menstruation. There are situations to where aggravated Vata causes accumulation of toxins in minute channels, which carry the menstrual blood and blockage of of these channels causes Amenorrhoea or Dysmenorrhoea.

Treatment :
   The medical treatment given to women in this ailment is as follows :
   Rajapravartni Vati
   Nastatpushantak Rasa

There are few remedies that are beneficial for curing this ailment :

   Take 2 cloves of crushed Garlic twice a day.
   Mix one teaspoon of Aloe Vera with a pinch of black pepper or cinnamon. Take twice a day. This helps to reduce the cramps.
   Take mild laxatives like Triphala for about two days before the scheduled start of
     menstruation. Massage of the lower abdomen with warm sesame oil for 10 to 15
     minutes, followed by application of hot fomentation (such as a hot water bottle) while resting can sooth pain.
   Although the inclination may be to take complete rest, remaining active and taking regular exercise is beneficial.

Recipes :

     Add one teaspoon of cumin seeds to 2 cups of  water and simmer over a moderate heat until the mixture reduces to half. Sieve, add 1 table spoon Jaggery (if you can get) or raw sugar and drink.

Dosage :

    Take this decoction twice daily for 2-3 days from the start of the menstrual cycle. Regular use with each successive cycle helps reduce the severity of symptoms.

Potency / Virya Cold :  

  Medicated diet must be preferred especially 7 days before the menstrual cycle starts.
  Deep- fried, greasy, sour food, beans and food that produce gas and constipation etc.
     should be totally avoided.
  Very cold / frozen foods as well as vegetables such as potatoes, mushrooms, peas,
     broccoli and cauliflower must be kept away from the diet.
  Vegetables like squash, zucchini, and pumpkin are advisable to eat.Fresh fruits may 
     be taken.
  Foods may be garnished with spices like cumin, asafetida, black pepper, cloves, 
    coriander, and mint.
  Sedentary life must be avoided and light exercise is recommended.
  Walking is good for alleviating Vata.

Yoga :