Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine is the traditional, all embracing national system of medicine practiced in Sri Lanka and India. It is a comprehensive system of healthcare which when points work together provide guidance for living.

The principles of Ayurveda tell us that marma on the body govern our nervous, muscular and skeletal systems. By balancing the energy within these points, it will promote health at all levels.

Ayurvedic principles are based on the fact we are composed of five elements air, fire, space ,earth and water. which in the human body combine into three energy forces or doshas. Vata is air controlling our nervous and circulatory systems, Kapha controls our cells and structure and Pitta governs our metabolism. It has been found in practice we each have one or two dominating doshas. It is believed that our diet represents Dosha, Vata represents our nervous state and Kapha represents our metabolism.Ayurvedic practitioners believe we are made up of constantly changing energies. Ayurveda teaches us how to assist the energy balance, which control the body cells.Some of the elements of Ayurvedic Medicine include a type of aromatherapy, diet, detoxification, breathing, herbal remedies, manipulation of marma points, meditation, yoga, music therapy and diet.Diet is most definitely going to be a feature of all treatments as food is regarded as a medicine, promoting a healthy life style. Ayerveda is an effective way of promoting a healthy life style thus preventing disease and illness.


What you should expect at a consultation :
Your tongue, skin and eyes will be inspected, alongside a very close observation to determine your energy type or Dosha. During this observation the practitioner will want to know everything about you, including your toilet habits. After these time a regime will be worked out for you. Once a treatment is began, it is advisable to have a consultation every three weeks until the original condition is clear. You will be advised on herbal treatments, massage therapeutic steam baths, exercise and a diet plan.Ayurvedic practitioners study for six years in India or Sri Lanka to attain a recognised degree. There are very few practising graduates in the UK. It is advisable to contact the Ayurvedic Medical Association who holds a register of approved practitioners.


Some treatable problems :

Any illness or disorder can be treated through Ayurvedic Medicine will the exception of surgical conditions. Stroke patients respond well to massage of the marma points with oils. Allergy based problems may be successfully treated with a detoxification program, yoga and herbal preparations. Prostate problems have also been successfully treated. Ayurvedic Medicine is safe for all health levels, some treatments will be altered if you are pregnant or a child. Ayurveda does not benefit conditions such as cancer and hernias.