In Day to Day life population has grown up as well as diseases also. Yet There are multiple chronic disease’s with failure of modern medicine’s inadequate recovery of the patient and cost factor and lot’s of adverse effect of drugs Ayurveda . The base of medicine has Dr. K.S Satdeve leading Ayurveda Practitioner with his extreme knowledge and unique Ayurvedic therapy and attitude towards the patient he has produced not only miracles but also generated feeling of survival and well being patient.

Case 1

Mrs . Sarita Kamble 35yrs / F

Known case Rheumatic heart disease since many years suffering from easy fatigue, lethargy progressive shortness of breath, palpitate.

The consulted cardiologist. Her 2D Echo was preferred which revealed severe mitral stenosis and started on conservative medicine’s. However symptoms were worsening dispute medicine’s and she was unable to perform daily activities and almost stuck to bed. Considering higher cost of the surgery and other complication’s she lost her hope till. She consulted Dr. K. S. Satdeve . She was assured and started treatment great belief. Slowly she started recovering and within span of 3 months she able to perform he daily activities. Her complaints of palpitation and shartness of breath has decreased significantly .Now she finds herself fit and could walk to Dr. K. S. Satdeve clinic using stairs that too without shortness of breath and with cheerful face. Pt. is in regular follow up of Dr. K. S. Satdeve. Her fallow up 2D Echo revealed improvement in valuer functions. Pt. is better and serving for her family.

Conclusions :

 Thereby given needs attention because it has given result`s apparent recovery less cost v/s surgery no risk of repeated hospitalization and frustration and economical loss.


Mrs. Pushpa Nikose , 52 Yrs. Old Female

Had long duration of generalized weakness loss appetite, Nausea, vomiting. Intermittent low grade fever and lenthonginess primary evaluation she was found to have, anaemia deranged kidney function test. Her serum keratinize was 7.0. She was diagnosed to have acute on chronic renal failure which labeled end stage renal disease. She was offered weekly dialysis to which she become extreme weak, emaciated and opt. for renal transplant by nephrologists mean while she came to Gurukripa Clinic from some well wisher and visited by Dr. K .S. Satdeve .

Treatment was started and within 2 months there was substantial subjective and objective improvement. Patient is in regular follow up and has regained health , her renal function are static.


Consider overall improvement in all aspects.

Dr. K. S . Satdeve efforts needs attention for well being of other patients also.

Case 3

Dr. Shivshahy Nirmal Healthy and active individual k/c of type II DM and systemic hypertension for many year.

He suffered major heart attack (anterior wall MI) After primary treatment started on conventional therapy.

  • He continued to have unstable angina and Dysponola gr. III. His 2 D Echo revealed impaired cardiac function and offered urgent angioplasty.
  • He started treatment after consulting Dr. K. S. Satdeve and there was remarkable improvement.
  • He never had angina even after briskly walk.
  • His blood sugar’s are well controlled.
  • His BP remained under control.
  • No fear of angioplasty
  • Overall subjective and objective improvement.


Thereby that provide overall health improvement needs attention for well being of other patient`s.