Yoga & Meditation

Yoga :

There is nothing like yoga and meditation in peaceful sylvan settings under the expert guidance of a Yogacharya, for the blossoming of the intellect. It is eminently suited for the health conscious, both young and old. We at DEVAKI YOGA & MEDITATION CENTRE assures you a thorough basis of the theory and practice of Yoga and Meditation - the supreme system of yogis of ancient India to bestow peace for the mind and health for the body. When the body and mind are continually overworked and stressed, their natural efficiency diminishes. Yoga makes the mind and muscles relax completely. It makes the body light, firm and steady, the muscles supple, and the spine strong. Also it increases lung capacity, releases tension and bestows longevity. It further, sharpens the intellect, develops intuition and with positive thinking you will begin to experience wisdom and inner peace. The system of Yoga and Meditation is found highly effective for Diabetes, Hypertension, Headaches, Sinusitis, Spondilosis, Piles, Back Pain, and several other diseases. Our Yogacharyas are highly experienced and fully qualified.

Reiki :

We offer you Reiki an ancient system of energy healing which is now becoming increasingly popular as a holistic treatment for healing oneself and others. Regular practice of Reiki ensures perfect health and psycho-physical tranquillity and peace. It induces deep relaxation of the body, mind and emotions. The process of Reiki is a harmonious combination of relaxation mediation and healing. The method of learning Reiki involves attunements given by a traditional Reiki master to open certain energy centres known as Chakras. There are progressive levels of Reiki.
The I-Degree can be learnt by anybody, The II-Degree can be taken after 21 days of self-treatment. Those who have done Reiki II for 60 days or more may take Reiki III A. Reiki III B of master ship is meant for those aspiring to become professional Reiki Masters. Reiki can be practiced by all regardless of age or physical conditions. Each level of Reiki is taught in a full day workshop from 9am to 5 pm. 

Faculty :

Dr. V.P. Rajashekaran MD (AM), DPH (Yogacharya, advanced pranic healer, master teacher in Reiki, user in Kamna and New life traditions, magnified healing and melehizedek method)